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Shared Prosperity

Shared ProsperityThis report provides a tool to structure the policy discussion around the goal of shared prosperity and explains that specific policy links associated with the goal can be established only after a thorough analysis of the country-specific context.

Regulatory Assessment Toolkit

Regulatory Assessment ToolkitThis toolkit provides guidance on how to assess and reform the regulatory policies of service trade industries.

Right to Work?

Right to Work?This study asseses India's National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, which is falling well short of its potential impact on poverty in one of India's poorest states, Bihar. Information campaigns are needed to assure that poor people are aware of their rights and the administration of the scheme needs to be more responsive to their needs.

Performance-Based Financing Toolkit

Performance-Based Financing ToolkitPerformance-based financing (PBF) is a comprehensive health systems approach that is expanding in regions around the world. Based on first-hand experience of PBF pioneers, this toolkit provides the state-of-art knowledge, methods, and tools for setting up an effective PBF approach in lower-and middle income settings.

Diversified Development

Diversified DevelopmentEurasian economies have to become efficient -- more productive, job-creating, and stable. But efficiency is not the same as diversification. Governments need to worry less about the composition of exports and production and more about asset portfolios -- natural resources, built capital, and economic institutions.

International Debt Statistics 2014

International Debt Statistics 2014The World Bank's annual report on the external debt of developing countries includes comprehensive data for 128 developing countries, as well as summary data for regions and income groups.

The Inverting Pyramid

The Inverting PyramidThis report discusses how European countries can continue to provide old age security as the population ages and the work force shrinks.

Back to Work

Back to WorkEuropean and Central Asian countries need reforms that enable new and existing firms to grow, become more productive, or exit the market quickly and in orderly fashion, and policies that prepare workers with the right skills, incentives, and mobility to places with more job creation potential.

Youth Employment in Sub-Saharan Africa

Youth Employment in Sub-Saharan AfricaThis book focuses on how to improve the quality of jobs and meet the aspirations of youth in Sub-Saharan Africa. It finds that a strong foundation for human capital development can be key to boosting earnings, arguing for a balanced approach that builds skills and demand for labor.

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