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World Bank at a Glance Mobile App

World Bank at a GlanceWorld Bank at a Glance

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What is the World Bank?
How does it operate and how is it governed?
Which countries contribute to or borrow from the Bank?

The World Bank at a Glance mobile application makes this complex institution accessible, with succinct explanations that are supplemented with hyperlinks for deeper information on what interests you. Whether you want general information about what the World Bank is and how it works with developing countries, or information on jobs and internships at the Bank, World Bank at a Glance will answer your questions and provide routes for additional information. The application also provides contact information and direct links to World Bank social media and social reading sites, Flickr and YouTube accounts, and more!

Recently updated to reflect the change in World Bank presidency, include the new Open Access Policy, and point to new online resources.

Use any of the icons on the home screens to find focused information easily with a tap of your finger:

  • Overview provides basic information on the 5 institutions of the World Bank Group, plus introductions to policies, strategies, and organizing principles.
  • Results and Reforms focuses on some of the Bank's newest initiatives, such as Open Data and Open Access, ongoing reforms, and the results of recent Bank projects.
  • Products and Services introduces you to the Bank's core work, broken into financial products such as lending, and knowledge products such as poverty reduction strategies and country assistance strategies.
  • Regions and Topics provide basic information on the Bank's work in its six defined regions, including listings of the countries belonging in each region, and the Bank's work in specific subject areas such as agriculture, corruption, gender, and more.
  • Project Cycle helps you follow the typical cycle for a World Bank project.
  • Opportunities, Contacts, and Social Media provide ways to interact with the Bank, whether you're interested in a job, internship, or business opportunity, or whether you want to join or follow the Bank's Facebook, Twitter, and other social media and social reading outlets, or whether you just want contact information for general questions and information.
  • Multimedia and Resources point you toward many of the other resources the Bank has to offer.
  • Presidents and Timeline provide some of the history of the World Bank Group and its leaders

The content for World Bank at a Glance is based on information from A Guide to the World Bank, now available in its third edition.

For questions regarding this app, please contact us at

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