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Uganda's Recovery: The Role of Farms, Firms, and Government

by: Ritva Reinikka, Paul Collier
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Regional and Sectoral Studies
English; Paperback; 424 pages
Published February 1, 2001 by World Bank
ISBN: 978-0-8213-4664-8; SKU: 14664

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Uganda's recovery over the past 15 years from economic decline, conflict, and repressive government to macroeconomic stability, high growth, and considerable political freedom signifies a major turnaround in Africa. What makes Uganda's postconflict recovery significant is that it coincides with one of the most ambitious programs of economic liberalization on the African continent.

This book focuses on postconflict recovery and economic liberalization. This book also provides a detailed discussion of the many issues policymakers have to consider when they try to guide a country out of a tragic past. It highlights the complexity of the interconnections and tradeoffs involved. The responses of a wide range of actors in the economy, namely, households, firms, and the government are analyzed.

This book brings together a number of mostly microeconomic studies on the Ugandan experience of postconflict recovery and economic liberalization. The individual studies incorporate the most recent thinking, theory, and analytical techniques in a number of areas and apply them to one country.

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