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Genre et developpment economique: Vers l'egalite des sexes dans les droits, les ressources et la participation

by:  World Bank
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French; Paperback; 366 pages
Published October 14, 2003 by World Bank
SKU: 31811

This book is also available from the publisher
Editions Saint-Martin

5000, rue Iberville, bureau 203
Montreal, Quebec HeH 2S6

Engendering Development focuses on gender issues and their broad economic and social implications in developing and transitional countries. The report examines the conceptual and empirical links between gender, public policy, and development outcomes and demonstrates the value of applying a gender perspective to the design of development policies. The evidence presented shows that societies that discriminate by gender pay a high price in terms of their ability to develop and to reduce poverty. To promote gender equality, the report proposes a 3-part strategy emphasizing institutional reforms, based on a foundation of equal rights for women and men; policies for sustained economic development; and active measures to redress persistent gender disparities.

This title, presenting data and analyses and reviews an extensive development literature, is intended as a tool for policy makers, development specialists, and members of civil society who are promoting, designing, and implementing effective and sustainable development strategies.

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