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miniAtlas of Millennium Development Goals: Building a Better World

by:  World Bank
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miniAtlas Series
English; Hardback; 4.25x6.125
Published July 15, 2005 by World Bank
ISBN: 978-0-8213-6175-7; SKU: 16175

The greatest challenge of the 21st century is to provide every human being on the planet with a long, healthy, and fulfilling life, free of poverty and full of opportunities to participate in the life of their community. The Millennium Development Goals - signed by 189 countries in 2000 - set clear targets for reducing poverty and other sources of human deprivation and for promoting sustainable development. But how far are we towards meeting these goals? And what resources are needed to help those countries that are not on track?

The third volume in the miniatlas series is an at-a-glance guide to the world's most pressing problems and challenges. Illustrated in a clear and accessible format, the miniatlas presents colorful world maps and engaging graphics that provide a wealth of information for over 200 countries and territories on today's key global issues, from eradicating poverty and reducing child mortality to eliminating HIV/AIDS and promoting environmental sustainability. Specially designed to show detailed information on a small scale, the miniAtlas of Millennium Development Goals is a handy introduction and quick reference for better understanding the most important issues facing our world today.

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