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World Development Report 2006, World Development Report 2005, and World Development Report 2004 package

by:  World Bank
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English; Paperback
Published September 12, 2005 by World Bank
SKU: 32917

"World Development Report 2006: Equity and Development
Two children born on the same day - one, a white male in Sweden, the other, a black female in South Africa. One can expect to live to the age of 80, 30 years more than the other. One is likely to complete 11.4 years of schooling, the other less than a year. These difference in life chances that appear across nationality, race gender, and social groups lead to wasted human potential and thus missed development opportunities. It is this inequality of opportunity - across and within countries - and its impact on development that the World Development Report 2006 thoroughly examines.

World Development Report 2005: A Better Investment Climate for Everyone
Improving the investment climate should be a top priority for governments. World Development Report 2005 explores what governments can do to improve the investment climate and help spur growth and reduce poverty.

World Development Report 2004: Making Services Work for Poor People
Putting poor people at the center of service provision ? giving them a strong voice in policymaking ? is the key to effective reform. World Development Report 2004 provides a practical framework for making the services that contribute to human development work for poor people."

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