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Public Finance in China: Reform and Growth for a Harmonious Society

Edited by Jiwei Lou, Shuilin Wang
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English; Paperback; 400 pages; 6x9
Published January 31, 2008 by World Bank
ISBN: 978-0-8213-6927-2; SKU: 16927

Since 1980, China’s economy has been the envy of the world. Is annual growth rate of more than 9 percent during this period makes China today the world’s fourth-largest economy. And this sustained growth has reduced the poverty rate from 60 percent of the population to less than 10 percent. However, such rapid growth has also increased inequalities in income and access to basic services and stressed natural resources. The government seeks to resolve these and other issues by creating a harmonious society—shifting priorities from the overriding pursuit of growth to more balanced economic and social development.

This volume compiles analyses and insights from high-level Chinese policy makers and prominent international scholars that address the changes needed in public finance for success in the government’s new endeavor. It examines such key policy issues as public finance and the changing role of the state; fiscal reform and revenue and expenditure assignments; intergovernmental relations and fiscal transfers; and financing and delivery of basic public goods such as compulsory education, innovation, public health, and social protection. And it offers concrete recommendations for immediate policy changes and for China’s future reform agenda.

Public Finance in China is a must-read for specialists in public finance and for those seeking an understanding of the complex and daunting challenges China is facing.

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