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The International Migration of Women

Edited by Maurice Schiff, Andrew R. Morrison, Mirja Sj÷blom
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Trade and Development
English; Paperback; 236 pages; 6x9
Published November 12, 2007 by World Bank; Palgrave Macmillan UK
ISBN: 978-0-8213-7227-2; SKU: 17227

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The current share of women in the world's international migrant population is close to one half. Despite the great number of female migrants and their importance for the development agenda in countries of origin, there has until recently been a striking lack of gender analysis in the economic literature on international migration and development. This volume makes a valuable contribution in this context by providing eight new studies focusing on the nexus between gender, international migration, and economic development.

'As women's roles change and they begin to assume a larger economic role within the family, they increasingly look abroad for sources of livelihood and more competitive wages for their labor. This book is an important first step toward understanding these new trends in migration and how they reflect on the evolving role of women in the global economy.'

H. E. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf,
President of Liberia

'The World Bank Research Program on International Migration andDevelopment has played a leading role in influencing policy makers anddevelopment scholars to take a fresh look at the growing and importantrole of international migration in global development. The InternationalMigration of Women... demonstrates in a number of innovativestudies that gender can no longer be thought of as a control variable, but as an important independent factor differentiating both the responsiveness of migration to global processes and the impact of migration within families and on the economies of sending and receiving countries.'

Mark Rosenzweig
Frank Altschul Professor of International Economics, Department of Economics
Yale University

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