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Information and Communications for Development 2009: Extending Reach and Increasing Impact

by:  World Bank
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Information and Communications for Development
English; Paperback; 340 pages; 8.5x11
Published May 22, 2009 by World Bank
ISBN: 978-0-8213-7605-8; SKU: 17605

Information and communication technology (ICT) is a critical part of the ever more integrated global economy, where knowledge-based activities have become increasingly important and pervasive. ICT enables people, governments, and businesses around the world to acquire and share ideas, expertise, and services, helping to create and sustain opportunities for economic development on an unprecedented scale. Accelerated knowledge transfer and technological diffusion amplify the competitive advantages of fast-learning economies. As the information requirements for innovation in economic and social activities increase, the importance of ICT for the development agenda will only continue to expand.

Information and Communications for Development 2009 first examines the economic impact of mobile, broadband connectivity, and e-government applications. It highlights country experiences with different institutional arrangements for e-government and discusses policy options for advancing access to ICT infrastructure and services. It also reviews policy options that encourage the development of information technology (IT) and IT-enabled services industries in the developing world. The report then analyzes the trends in ICT sector development, drawing on the most recent national data on key indicators that are also presented in the at-a-glance tables for 150 economies. ICT performance measures, on a scale from 1 to 10, are introduced for ready comparisons of countries’ ICT capacities, as well as for benchmarking their progress along three key dimensions of ICT development over time: (1) access to ICT services, (2) affordability of ICT services, and (3) adoption of ICT applications in government and business.

Highlighting elements of good practice that are emerging for policy, regulatory, and investment frameworks, this report addresses some of the most challenging issues faced by developing countries on the agenda of ICT for development.

The role that ICT can play as an enabler of social and economic development is increasingly evident. Information and Communications for Development 2009 presents a thorough analysis of the development potential of ICT, as well as the difficulties, constraints, and uncertainties faced by both developing and mature economies. It also offers thoughtful considerations of the different policy, regulatory, and investment options in the ICT space. As such, it is an essential and practical guide for policy makers, government officials, and academic practitioners who are working to ensure that their countries seize the opportunities offered by ICT.

- Dr. Craig R. Barrett
Chairman, United Nations Global Alliance for ICT and Development, and
Chairman of the Board, Intel Corporation



Chapter 1. Overview
Mohsen Khalil, Philippe Dongier, and Christine Zhen-Wei Qiang

Chapter 2. Nothing Endures but Change: Thinking Strategically about ICT Convergence
Rajendra Singh and Siddhartha Raja

Chapter 3. Economic Impacts of Broadband
Christine Zhen-Wei Qiang and Carlo M. Rossotto with Kaoru Kimura

Chapter 4. Advancing the Development of Backbone Networks in Sub-Saharan Africa
Mark D. J. Williams

Chapter 5. How Do Manual and E-Government Services Compare? Experiences from India
Deepak Bhatia, Subhash C. Bhatnagar, and Jiro Tominaga

Chapter 6. National E-Government Institutions: Functions, Models, and Trends
Nagy K. Hanna and Christine Zhen-Wei Qiang with Kaoru Kimura and Siou Chew Kuek

Chapter 7. Realizing the Opportunities Presented by the Global Trade in IT-Based Services
Philippe Dongier and Randeep Sudan


Key Trends in ICT Development
David A. Cieslikowski, Naomi J. Halewood, Kaoru Kimura, and Christine Zhen-Wei Qiang

ICT Performance Measures: Methodology and Findings

User's Guide to ICT At-a-Glance Country Tables

At-a-Glance Country Tables

Key ICT Indicators for Other Economies, 2007

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