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L' Education et le VIH/SIDA: Une Lueur D'espoir

by:  World Bank
Price: $15.00   *Geographic discounts available!

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French; Paperback
Published November 30, 2005 by World Bank; Editions Saint-Martin

This book is directly available from the publisher
Les Editions Saint-Martin Inc

5000, rue Iberville, bureau 203
Montreal, Quebec H2H 2S6, Canada
Tel: 514-529-0920
Fax: 514-529-8384

The global HIV/AIDS epidemic has already killed 20 million people and another 40 million people are currently infected. The magnitude of this epidemic requires a response that confronts the disease from every sector, but education plays a particularly important role.

Education and HIV/AIDS provides a strategic direction for the World Bank in responding to the impact of HIV/AIDS on education systems. The central message of this book is that the education of children and youth deserves the highest priority in a world afflicted by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Education has proven to be one of the most effective means of HIV prevention. This book finds that countries need to immediately strengthen their education systems in order to offer hope for escaping from the grip of HIV/AIDS.

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