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A User Manual for ADePT Social Protection

by:  World Bank
Price: $29.95   *Geographic discounts available!

Forthcoming on June 1, 2014. If you wish to pre-order this title please complete our order form and fax it to +1-703-661-1501.

: World Bank Training Series
English; Paperback; 85 pages; 7x10
Published June 1, 2014 by World Bank
ISBN: 978-0-8213-8460-2; SKU: 18460

This Users Guide targets researchers and policy practitioners working on social protection issues and/or private transfers. It is a companion how-to guide for ADePT Social Protection, a software that examines how the beneficiaries and/or benefits of social protection programs and private transfers are distributed across quintiles, deciles or other population groups. The software creates a maximum of 24 standardized tables and 3 graphs that examine the coverage, the generosity, the incidence, the impact on poverty and inequality, the cost-benefit, and the inclusion and the exclusion errors of these programs separately and in combination. The User Manual starts with a brief theoretical framework; walks users through the steps needed to prepare, process and analyze survey data with ADePT SP; provides guidance on the interpretation of the analytical results; and discusses how to use the software for more complex tasks, like sensitivity analysis, simulations, analysis of program compliance with its own rules, and for benchmarking.

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