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Pesquisas do Banco Mundial sobre Avaliacoes de Desempenho Educacional Volume 5: O Uso dos Resultados da Avaliacao do Desempenho Educacional

by: Thomas Kellaghan, Vincent Greaney, T. Scott Murray
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Brazilian Portuguese; Paperback
Published December 22, 2010 by World Bank; Elsevier Brazil
SKU: 32551

This book is available directly from the publisher:
Elsevier Brazil
Rua Sete de Setembro
111-16th flr Centro
RIO DE JANEIRO- 20050-006

What are students learning? Throughout the world, governments striving to improve educational quality are turning to national assessments to provide this much-needed information in key curriculum areas. The capacity for carrying out national assessments has grown remarkably in recent years, but it has not been matched by widespread use of their findings. This book seeks to maximize an appreciation for the value of such data and to assist countries in exploiting the knowledge that national assessments yield.

Using the Results of a National Assessment of Educational Achievement identifies the main factors affecting the use of national assessment findings. These include the political context in which an assessment is carried out, the nature of the assessment (census based or sample based), the assignment of accountability for the results, and the quality of assessment instruments. The book describes the type of information that the main report of a national assessment should contain, as well as other means of communicating findings to technical and nontechnical audiences. It outlines general considerations in translating national assessment results into policy and action, and examines specific procedures for using the data in policy making, educational management, teaching, and promoting public awareness.

The topics addressed in this volume should be of interest to policy makers, educators, researchers, and development practitioners.

National Assessments of Educational Achievement

Effective assessment of the performance of educational systems is a key component in developing policies to optimize the development of human capital around the world. The five books in the National Assessments of Educational Achievement series introduce key concepts in national assessments of student achievement levels, from policy issues to address when designing and carrying out assessments through test development, questionnaire design, sampling, organizing and carrying out data collection, data cleaning, statistical analysis, report writing, and using results to improve educational quality.

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