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World Development Report 2010: Development and Climate Change

by:  World Bank
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World Development Report
English; Paperback; 424 pages; 8x10.5
Published November 6, 2009 by World Bank
ISBN: 978-0-8213-7987-5; SKU: 17987

Act Now, Act Together, Act Differently

Today's enormous development challenges are complicated by the reality of climate change—the two are inextricably linked and together demand immediate attention. Climate change threatens all countries, but particularly developing ones. Understanding what climate change means for development policy is the central aim of the World Development Report 2010. It explores how public policy can change to better help people cope with new or worsened risks, how land and water management must adapt to better protect a threatened natural environment while feeding an expanding and more prosperous population, and how energy systems will need to be transformed.

The report is an urgent call for action, both for developing countries who are striving to ensure policies are adapted to the realities and dangers of a hotter planet, and for high-income countries who need to undertake ambitious mitigation while supporting developing countries efforts. A climate-smart world is within reach if we act now to tackle the substantial inertia in the climate, in infrastructure, and in behaviors and institutions; if we act together to reconcile needed growth with prudent and affordable development choices; and if we act differently by investing in the needed energy revolution and taking the steps required to adapt to a rapidly changing planet.

In the crowded field of climate change reports, WDR 2010 uniquely:

  • emphasizes development
  • takes an integrated look at adaptation and mitigation
  • highlights opportunities in the changing competitive landscape and how to seize them
  • proposes policy solutions grounded in analytic work and in the context of the political
  • economy of reform

Overview: Changing the climate for development
Chapter 1: Understanding the links between climate change and development
Chapter 2: Reducing human vulnerability: helping people help themselves
Chapter 3: Managing land and water to feed nine billion people and protect natural systems
Chapter 4: Energizing development without compromising the climate
Chapter 5: Integrating development into the global climate regime
Chapter 6: Generating the funding needed for mitigation and adaptation
Chapter 7: Accelerating innovation and technology diffusion
Chapter 8: Overcoming behavioral and institutional inertia

"The World Bank has produced earlier reports that include coverage of climate issues related to sustainable development: the 1992 report Development and the Environment and the 2008 report Agriculture for Development (CH, May'08, 45-4765), each of which reviewed to some extent the impact of climate change on human well-being. Devoting an entire report to climate change could not be timelier, as major emitters of greenhouse gases balked over signing the 2009 Copenhagen Accord. Many books published recently have focused on climate change and its effects on human society. This report brings together and interprets climate data on a broad range of issues relating to human health and behavior, natural disasters, food and water security, natural resource management, and technology innovations that can be adopted by the developing world. It provides essential reading on energizing development without compromising the climate; managing resources for sustainable human populations while protecting natural systems; and financing climate mitigation and adaptation. Scientific concepts are clearly explained, with a careful review on the science of climate change, and color illustrations provide excellent visual representation of complex issues. A helpful glossary, a detailed index, and an exhaustive reference list for each chapter enhance the text. Summing Up: Highly recommended. All levels/collections."

— A. S. Ricker, Oberlin College, Reviewed in June 2010 CHOICE.

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