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World Development Indicators 2011

by:  World Bank
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World Development Indicators
English; Paperback; 460 pages; 8.5x11
Published April 15, 2011 by World Bank
ISBN: 978-0-8213-8709-2; SKU: 18709

Looking for accurate, up-to-date data on development issues? World Development Indicators is the World Bank's premier annual compilation of data about development. This indispensable statistical reference allows you to consult over 800 indicators for more than 150 economies and 14 country groups in more than 90 tables. It provides a current overview of the most recent data available as well as important regional data and income group analysis in six thematic sections: World View, People, Environment, Economy, States and Markets, and Global Links.

World Development Indicators 2011 presents the most current and accurate development data on both a national level and aggregated globally. It allows you to monitor the progress made toward meeting the Millennium Development Goals endorsed by the United Nations and its member countries, the World Bank, and a host of partner organizations. These goals, which focus on development and the elimination of poverty, serve as the agenda for international development efforts.

Recognizing that transparency and accountability are essential to development, the World Bank Group now provides free, open, and easy access to its comprehensive set of data on living standards around the globe--some 2,000 indicators, including hundreds that go back 50 years. The data is available in Arabic, French, and Spanish in addition to English.

Access to these new resources is available at, a central web site that makes it easier to find, use, and manipulate data. A data catalog lists the available databases. Access the WDI dataset on


1. World View - living standards and development progress

2. People - gender, health, and employment

3. Environment - natural resources and environmental changes

4. Economy - new opportunities for growth

5. States and Markets - elements of good investment climate

6. Global Links - evidence on globalization

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